UTSG’s 49th Annual Conference, hosted by Trinity College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland, is to be held on 4-6 January 2017.  Papers are invited on both completed work and projects in their early stages in any field of transport, travel and mobility.  Inclusion of papers in the conference does not constitute publication, and papers submitted to a journal for publication may also be submitted to the conference unless they appear in a journal before the conference.

Staff and students of UTSG member institutions are invited to submit 200-300 word abstracts for consideration using the online submission form at www.utsg.net/confmgt/openconf.php Papers are also welcomed from honorary staff of a member institution (or from staff and students who have now left a member institution) where the paper relates to work carried out under the aegis of the institution (or while a member of staff or student was at the institution).

Eligible authors are also invited to enter the competition for the Smeed Prize, which will be awarded for the best student paper. The first prize is £500 and the runner-up prize is £250.  The winning paper may also be published in an appropriate journal.  Prospective entrants should consult the Smeed Prize regulations, available from www.utsg.net/confmgt/openconf.php Please note especially that abstracts for papers to be entered into the Smeed Prize competition need to be between 800-1000 words and accompanied by a confirmation e-mail from the candidate’s supervisor.