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55th UTSG Annual Conference 2023 - Cardiff

The Universities’ Transport Study Group (UTSG), initiated by the late Professor R.J. Smeed of University College London in 1967, aims to promote transport teaching and research and to act as a focus for those involved in these activities in universities and institutions of higher education in the UK and Ireland. Member institutions (of which there are over 50) are expected to be conducting a substantial amount of postgraduate research in the field of transport. Because such activities are often spread over several departments, each institution appoints a correspondent to disseminate and collate information: in this way over 100 departments are involved in UTSG’s activities. One key UTSG activity is an annual conference for staff, research students and other relative newcomers to transport research of member institutions and overseas universities, which is designed to discuss research needs, research in progress, and to give research students the opportunity to present papers on their work.


The notification following a successful submission of your paper or extended abstract will most likely go to the 'junk' folder of your mailbox.
The sender is UTSG <utsg2023 [at]>. Please, right click on the message and indicate 'Not Junk' so that future messages go to your Inbox.

Guidelines for Paper or Extended Abstract Submission [due 19 June 2023]

To submit your paper or extended abstract, click on ‘Upload File’ under the ‘Authors’ section below. To submit your paper, you will need your:

Please, ensure that you use the appropriate templates as per the UTSG Conference guidance:

Important: Authors are reminded that in order for their submissions to be considered for Smeed Prize (eligibility criteria apply) and Special Issues must be in Full Paper format!





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