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Dear Colleague,

I have two doctoral positions open :
PhD in Behavioural Change and Gamification in Transport
and Licentiate in Accessibility and Equity is Sustainable Transportation
Ideal candidates should have the academic qualifications as stated in the
announcements and the motivation to conduct research that has a clear and
strong societal impact.

I would appreciate it if you would spread the announcements in your network
and to potential candidates? [...]
Posted: June 8, 2023, 10:26 am
** Smeed Memorial Lecture by Isabel Dedring (Global Transport Lead at Arup & Visiting Professor at UCL)
** Title: Revolutionary times: Shaping the future of transport today
Posted: June 8, 2023, 10:08 am
27-months Post-doc position in Transportation Modelling, Simulation and Calibration at Univ Eiffel, LICIT-ECO7

Title: Data-driven auto-calibration of simulation models for Digital Twin application

This position is funded by the EU project ACUMEN. This project has 17 academic and industrial partners, including Univ Eiffel, Alto – coordinator, TU Delft, Université du Luxembourg, NTUA, Here, Aimsun, and LIST…. The project team will comprise two researchers and two Post-docs at Univ Eiffel. About 5 Ph.D.s and 12 Post-docs will be involved through all academic partners. Networking between all project members is paramount to foster collaborations and most tasks are shared by at least [...]
Posted: June 8, 2023, 6:19 am