Useful Features

Note: All the operations described below can also be done via the web interface at
then clicking on Join or leave the JISCmail list (or change settings)


You can suspend mail from the list while you are on holiday.
To do this send the message: set utsg nomail to the following address:

(When you get back you can catch up with any mail you missed by reading the archive at

To start receiving messages when you get back, send the message:
set utsg mail to:

  Leaving the list

If you are changing jobs, leaving University, or changing e-mail addresses you will need to leave by sending the message: leave utsg to:

Rejoin the List

You can rejoin the list at a later date by sending the message:
join utsg to:

  Comments about the jiscmail service.

If you have any comments about the jiscmail service they can be sent to the address given on: