Special notice regarding impacts of COVID-19 on the UTSG Annual Conference: Discussions are on-going regarding how the 2020 UTSG Annual Conference will progress during the current COVID-19 outbreak. We will post an update and send round a notification as soon as final decisions are made (around 31st March).

UTSG  52nd Annual Conference

Loughborough University

6-8 July 2020

Call for Papers Deadline 16th March 2020

We would like to bring to your attention that the call for submission of research outputs to the 52nd Annual Conference of the Universities Transport Studies Group (UTSG) has now opened.

In this 52nd year, the conference will be hosted by Loughborough University.  The conference will take place on Monday 6th – Wednesday 8th July 2020 inclusive. The conference has been moved to the summer time as part of an initiative to make the conference even more appealing and to increase attendance.

Staff and students of UTSG member institutions have two options for submitting their research work this year:

  1. they can submit an extended abstract (short paper) of 1000 to 1500 words organised in the following sections: objective, literature review, methods, results, conclusions. This will be a one-stage submission; accepted extended abstracts would not require full paper submissions.
  2. alternatively they can submit 300-word abstracts using a clear structure that requires mini sections referring to: objective, literature review, methods, results, conclusions. This will be a two-stage submission; after the acceptance of their abstract the respective authors would have the obligation to submit a full 12-page paper. Not completing this 2-stage submission process means that the paper would not be included in the final conference programme.

The online submission form is available here.

This will be the third UTSG Annual Conference that expands the call for papers beyond the UK and Ireland by welcoming a number of papers submitted by members of universities in all countries worldwide. International transport scholars with strong original research are thus encouraged to submit their work for consideration, choosing from the submission options offered above.

Inclusion of papers in the conference does not constitute publication, and papers submitted to a journal for publication may also be submitted to the conference provided that they do not appear in a journal before the conference. Selected papers may, with their author’s consent, be considered for publication in a UTSG special issue of a peer-reviewed journal.

Eligible authors are also invited to enter the competition for the Smeed Prize, which will be awarded to the best paper written and presented by a student from a university in the UK or Ireland: the first prize is £500 and the runner-up prize is £250.  The winning paper may also be published in an appropriate journal.  Prospective entrants should consult the Smeed Prize regulations at https://utsg.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/UTSG_Smeed_Rules.pdf, available from https://www.utsg.net.  Abstracts submitted for papers to be entered into the Smeed Prize competition are to be between 800-1000 words and should be supported by a confirmation message from the candidate’s supervisor, which must be sent to the conference organisers. Please note that a full paper submission after abstract acceptance is compulsory for the Smeed entrants.

Deadline for abstracts: 16th March 2020

Deadline for accepted papers (submitted via route (ii) above): 22nd June 2020

Full conference details including the ‘Call for Papers’ and the Smeed Prize rules can be found at https://www.utsg.net.

The abstract submission site is available here.