01 Plenary
Marsden : Are academics from Venus and politicians from Mars [University of Leeds] Abstract

02A Road Pricing

Nikitas : Do older people hold different attitudes towards road pricing schemes than younger people do? [University of the West of England] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Givoni : Re-examining the results of the London congestion charging scheme [Oxford University] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Musselwhite : Exploring the public acceptability of road pricing [University of the West of England] Abstract , Paper (pdf)

02B Environment (I)

Banister : Carbon efficiency in transport: Backcasting from London [Oxford University] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Berridge (Smeed) : Modelling pathways for a hydrogen fuel Infrastructure system [Open University] Abstract , Paper (pdf)

02C Transport Planning

Roby (Smeed) : The development of workplace travel plans [Open University] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Budd : Fighting the flights: Airspace expansion and community protest in the United Kingdom [Loughborough University] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Martin : Views of public realm professionals on the implementation of shared space principles in the South West of England [University of the West of England] Abstract , Paper (pdf)

02D Travel Behaviour (I)

Avineri : APPLYING BEHAVIOURAL ECONOMICS IN THE DESIGN OF TRAVEL INFORMATION SYSTEMS [University of the West of England] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Safour : Analyse activity patterns using hazard-based duration models [Newcastle University] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Mamun : The importance of public transport attributes in explaining mode choice behaviour in Dhaka [Loughborough University] Abstract , Paper (pdf)

03A Environment (II)

Bell : Automatic evaluation of environmental impacts of Traffic Demand Management Strategies [Newcastle University] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Rhys-Tyler : Understanding the significance of variability in driver behaviour on tailpipe emissions of a Euro IV spark ignition passenger car [Newcastle University] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
North : Use of high-resolution mobile environmental sensing data in urban traffic management [Imperial College London] Abstract , Paper (pdf)

03B Modelling (I)

Evans (Smeed) : Comparison of Optimal Airline Network Routing to Operations in the United States [University of Cambridge] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Connors : A smoothing approach to Wardrop traffic equilibrium problem [University of Leeds] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Haji Hosseinloo : Hyperpath-based traffic assignment: Route choice [Imperial College London] Abstract , Paper (pdf)

03C Measuring Utility

Calvert : Who wants to commute more and why? Exploring the positive utility of the commute [University of the West of England] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Adnan : A model for integrating home-work tour scheduling with time-varying network congestion and marginal utility profiles for home and work activities [University of Leeds] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Hu (Smeed) : A new approach to measure the utility of an activity [Imperial College London] Abstract , Paper (pdf)

03D Psychology

Farag : Explaining public transport information use through attitude theory: An empirical investigation [University of the West of England] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Bartle : Word-of-mouth travel information: who tells what to whom, and what difference does it make? [University of the West of England, Bristol] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Goodwin : Public atttitudes to transport: scrutinising the evidence [University of the West of England] AbstractPaper (pdf)

04 Plenary

Jones : The influence of different paradigms in shaping the transport research and policy agendas over the last 50 years [University College London] Abstract , Paper (pdf)

05A Modelling (II)

Maher : Robust estimation of regression to the mean [University of Leeds] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Al-Obaedi : Examining the limitations for visual angle-car following models [University of Salford] Abstract , Paper (pdf)

05B Land Use & Transport

Jones : Towards a more comprehensive and balanced approach to urban street planning and design [Centre for Transport Studies, UCL] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Christodoulou (Smeed) : Modelling the impacts of new metro lines on urban development [University College London] Abstract , Paper (pdf)

05C Travel Behaviour (III)

Susilo : Do you really want to travel one hour just for a glass of milk? A travel time ratio study in the Netherlands [University of the West of England / Utrecht University] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Khorgami : Tour travel behaviour: Evidence from Great Britain National Travel Survey [University College London] Abstract , Paper (pdf)

05D Freight (I)

Shen : Forecasting Great Britain road freight demand with univariate time series models [University of Leeds] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
El-Nakib : Can Egypt enhance freight logistics with COMESA? [Liverpool John Moores University] Abstract , Paper (pdf)

06A Modelling (II)

Queen : A graphical dynamic approach to forecasting and monitoring road traffic flow networks [The Open University] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Krishnan : Short-term traffic prediction: Revisiting the generic themes [Imperial College London] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Cai : Adaptive traffic signal control using approximate dynamic programming [University College London] Abstract , Paper (pdf)

06B Travel Behaviour (III)

Mackett : Why is it so difficult to get people out of their cars (and is it all our fault)? [University College London] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Metz : Sustainable Travel Behaviour [Uinversity College London] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Howarth (Smeed) : Addressing unsustainable travel behaviour: The use of information on climate change [University of Southampton] Abstract , Paper (pdf)

06C Safety (I)

Wang : Road safety and traffic congestion: An analysis of the M25 [Loughborough University] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Law (Smeed) : The sources of the Kuznets relationship between road fatalities and economic growth [Imperial College London] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Heslop : Driver boredom [Newcastle University] Abstract , Paper (pdf)

06D Active Travel

Broadstock : The cost of cycling, 1948-2005 [University of Surrey, University of Portsmouth] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Raymond : Developing walking and cycling indicators applicable to Milton Keynes [Loughborough University] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Sherwin : Who chooses to bike-rail integrate? Lessons for rail and cycle policy [University of the West of England] Abstract , Paper (pdf)

07 Plenary

Hounsell : Traffic management: Challenges [University of Southampton] Abstract

08A Travel Behaviour (IV)

Clark : Understanding the dynamics of car ownership: some unanswered questions [University of the West of England] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Le Vine : An analysis of car club participation and its environmental effects [Imperial College London] AbstractPaper (pdf)

08B Safety (II)

Dissanayake : Stated preference discrete choice model to investigate the determinants of public willingness-to-pay for road casualty risk reduction in Thailand [Newcastle University] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Tolouei : Reinvestigation of the relationship between relative injury risk and mass ratio in two-car crashes using Great Britain road casualty data [University College London] Abstract , Paper (pdf)

08C Freight (II)

Wilmsmeier : Determinants of maritime transport costs – A panel data analysis for Latin American trade [Napier University] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Arunotayanun (Smeed) : Modelling of freight shippers’ mode choice behaviour accounting for supply chain structures [Imperial College London] Abstract , Paper (pdf)

08D Monitoring

Wilson : Modelling driver behaviour on motorways: A new data resource [University of Bristol] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Han : On the estimation of space mean speed from inductive loop detector data [Imperial College London] Abstract , Paper (pdf)

09A Economics

Finn : Developments in market structure and regulation of urban bus services in developing countries and countries in transition [University of Newcastle] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Galilea : Influence of national political and economical factors on the success of public-private partnerships in transport [University College London] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Cowie : The impact of reforn on the provision of ferry services in the Clyde Estuary and Western Isles [Napier University] Abstract , Paper (pdf)

09B Traveller Information

Carreno : Mode, mood and trip management: A qualitative analysis of the effects of RTPI on bus user behaviour and attitudes [Edinburgh Napier University] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Balampekou (Smeed) : The potential of handheld traveller information devices to influence travel behaviour in urban areas [University of Southampton] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Habib Pathan : Travellers’ choice of information sources: A modelling framework [University of Leeds] Abstract , Paper (pdf)

09C Rail (I)

Blainey (Smeed) : Modelling local rail demand in South Wales [University of Southampton] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Jackson : Appraisal Methods for Rural Railways [University of Leeds] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Merkert : Benchmarking of train operating firms – A transaction cost efficiency analysis [University of Leeds] Abstract , Paper (pdf)

09D Social Exclusion

Kamruzzaman : Participation index: An improvement to the measure of transport related social exclusion? [University of Ulster] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Solomon : Setting accessibility standards for social inclusion: Some obstacles [London Metropolian University/University College London] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Bukhari : Mapping social exclusion and public transport network change in GIS: A case study of Belfast [University of Ulster] Abstract , Paper (pdf)

10A Modelling (IV)

Cheung : Bayesian analysis for modelling uncertainty in toll road demand and revenue forecasts [Imperial College London] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Stewart : Optimising Network flows by Low-Revenue Tolling under the principles of Dynamic User Equilibrium [Napier University] Abstract , Paper (pdf)

10B Rail (II)

Shaw : Union renewal in the privatised rail industry [University of Plymouth, University of Glasgow, University of Aberdeen] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Thomas (Smeed) : Managing an underground rail project to avoid cost overruns [University of Southampton] Abstract , Paper (pdf)

10C Assessment

Carse : Assessment of transport quality of life in Manchester and Glasgow. An alternative appraisal technique for measuring passenger’s experiences on public transport? [University of Glasgow] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Campo : Intergenerational equity index for sustainability analysis: assessing long term land use and transportation policies’ within Lisbon metropolitan area [University College London] Abstract , Paper (pdf)

10D Freight (III)

Woodburn : Wagonload rail freight in Britain: an investigation [University of Westminster] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Triantafyllou : Understanding the returns mechanisms of a dedicated shopping centre [University of Southampton] Abstract , Paper (pdf)