Marsden : What role do targets have in Transport Planning? [ITS, Leeds]

2A – Airports and Aviation 1

Gardiner (Smeed) : Designing a methodology to assess air cargo operators’ airport choice Grimley [Loughborough]
Hess, Polak : Development and application of a model for airport competition in multi-airport regions [Imperial, London]

2B – Assignment

Balijepalli : Stochastic process modelling approach for dynamic traffic assignmentCarey, Ge [ITS, Leeds]
Rudjito : Application of fuzzy logic to traffic assignment in developing countries [Imperial, London]

2C – Accidents

Rodgers : The influence of incident support units on accident rates and durations on the M25, the London orbital motorway. [Edinburgh]
Wilson : Heavy goods vehicle drivers and the road to sleep [Ulster]
Widyastuti, Bird : Assessing the social cost of motorcycle casualties in developing countries [TORG, Newcastle upon Tyne]

3A – Airports and Aviation 2

Straker (Smeed) : Airport car parking strategylessons from the non-airport sector [Loughborough]

3A – Airports and Aviation 3

Mills : Planning for a more sustainable aviation industrya role for stakeholder participation? [Manchester Metropolitan]

3A – Airports and Aviation 4

Vogel : Airport privatisation and financial performance [Westminster]

3B – Freight

Finnegan, O’ Mahony : An analysis of goods deliveries in Dublin city centre [Trinity, Dublin]
Moreno-Quintero : Modelling interaction between carrier and road planner in the control of lorry overloadinga Mexican case study [ITS, Leeds]
Whiteing, Stantchev : Freight transport and logistics in the Yorkshire and Humber regionaddressing the skills gaps [Huddersfield]

3C – Demand

Hu (Smeed) : Modelling trip generation / trip frequency using logistic analysis [Napier]
AlSaeid : The potential effects of alternative transport policies on commuters’ mode choice in metropolitan Kuwait [TORG, Newcastle upon Tyne]
Jopson : Can psychology help to reduce car use revisited [ITS, Leeds]

4A – Public Transport 1

Brand, Preston : TEST – A tool for evaluating strategically integrated public transport [Oxford]

4A – Public Transport 2

Caulfield, O’Mahony : The use of quality of service measurements as a means to evaluate the performance of public transport operators, a case study of Dublin [Trinity, Dublin]

4B – Microsimulation and Modelling

Feldman, Maher : Optimisation in Paramicsthe nature of the problemRobinson, Polak [Napier]

4C – Car Culture and Dependence

Baslington : School travel plans and pupils’ healtha study of the role of cultural factors [ITS, Leeds]
Seymour : Cars, congestion & children – the crucial compromise [Ulster]
Hole : Forecasting the demand for an employee park and ride service using commuters’ stated choices [St Andrews]

5A – Public Transport 2

Cram : Links between the provision of local amenities and residents’ travel behaviour in suburban neighbourhoods [GURU, Newcastle upon Tyne]
Hofmann, O’Mahony : Development of an iterative classification algorithm to facilitate transfer journey analyses [Trinity, Dublin]
Mackey, Hine : Transport disadvantage in Northern Irelandrural dwellers’ travel experience [Ulster]

5B – Road User Charging 1

Cain, Jones : Could congestion charging cause hardship to low-income car users? Dodoo, Thorpe [Westminster]
Ieromonachou : Norway’s urban tollevolving towards congestion pricing? [Open]

5C – Highway Geometry and Design

Hashim, Bird : Exploring the relationship between the geometric design consistency and safety in rural single carriageways in the UK [TORG, Newcastle upon Tyne]
Wall : The design and operation of motorway diverges [Southampton]
Plowright, Marshall : Arterial streets towards sustainability [Westminster]

6A – Railways

Brown : Potential impacts of LUAS on travel behaviour [Trinity, Dublin]
Crockett : Understanding and measuring perceptions of convenience in rail travel [Southampton]

6B – Efficiency and Emissions

Quddus : a map matching algorithm for Vehicle Performance and Emissions Monitoring System [Imperial, London]
Noland : Fuel efficiency and traffic fatalitiesmultivariate analysis of international data [Imperial, London]
North : Validation and characterisation of the Vehicle Performance and Emissions Monitoring System [Imperial, London]

6C – Non-Motorised Transport

McClintock, Morris : Integration of cycling and light rapid transitrealising the potential [Nottingham]
Schoon : Observation-reaction times of wheelchair users – a comparison with non-disabled users [Southampton]
Bird, Edwards, Fairhurst : The use of GPS to log the characteristics of cycle journeys [TORG, Newcastle upon Tyne]

7A – Road User Charging 2

Blythe : Road user charging in the UK. Will we ever see an emergence of technical and political consensus? [TORG, Newcastle upon Tyne]
Potter, Lane, Ubbels, Peeters, Parkhurst : Adapting the Dutch ‘Mobility Explorer’ program to investigate possible car taxation futures for the UK [Open University]
Maher, Stewart : Stochastic social optimum traffic assignment [Napier]

7B – Departure Time Choice

Rosa, Maher : Modelling departure time choice [Napier]
Ashiru : Development and Application of an activity based microsimulation model of departure time choice and activity time allocation with application to individual activity scheduling [Imperial, London]
Jotisankasa, Hess, Polak : On the effects of alternative discretisation strategies in departure time choice modelling [Imperial, London]

7C – Surveys

Fujiyama, Tyler : An explicit study on the walking speed of pedestrians on stairs and ramps [University College London]
Mageean, Thorpe, Nelson : Issues in the design and administration of long distance travel surveys [TORG, Newcastle upon Tyne]
Clegg : How many ways can things be the same? Set theory for multiple-site surveys [York]

8A – Light Rail Transit

Du (Smeed) : Land value impacts of urban rail transit and developer contribution [TORG, Newcastle upon Tyne]
Hodgson : A proposal for the modelling of alternative fuel traction supplies for light rail systems [Open]

8B – Reliability & Sensors

Bell, Ehlert, Grosso, Bird : The optimisation of detector locations in road networks [Imperial & TORG]
Adeney, Schmöcker : Metro service reliabilityrecovery strategies and constraints to provide a regular service [Imperial, London]

8C – Scheme Appraisal and Network Design

Connors, Sumalee Watling : Understanding the variable demand probit-based network design problem [ITS, Leeds]
Sayers : The potential and the pitfalls of multi-criteria appraisal of transport options [TORG, Newcastle upon Tyne]


Dennis : An easy Ride so farHow sustainable is the low-cost airline business model in Europe? [Westminster]