A1 – Plenary
Lyons : Transport Direct – key issues and challenges for delivering the Government’s vision for a national multi-modal traveller information service [TRG]

B1 – Pollution

Williams : Reducing the climate change impacts of aviation by restricting cruise altitudes [Imp]
Budd : Validation of air pollution dispersion modelling of emissions from road transport in Ireland [TCD]

B2 – Accidents 1

Quddus : Analyzing motorcycle crash severities using ordered probit models [Imp]
Trahjono : Traffic behaviour on Indonesian toll roads and its correlation to traffic accidents [ITS]

B2 – Buses

Enoch : Identifying the key geo-demographic variables affecting bus service provision in rural areas [Open]
Rajbhandari (Smeed) : Factors affecting passenger waiting times at bus stops [TRG]

B3 – Accessibility

Judge : the influence of public debate on policy development [LeedsMet]
McAlpine : Workman’s fares and their effect on the working class population [TRI]
Kenyon : Transport, social exclusion and the internet – could virtual mobility help to alleviate social exclusion? [TRG]

B4 – Modelling 1

Gallagher (Smeed) : Modelling pedestrian queue formation at automated teller machines [TRI]
Smith : Monotone methods for calculating rigid and variable demand equilibria [York]
Rosa : A contribution to the solution of the stochastic user equilibrium traffic assignment problem with multiple user classes and elastic demand [TRI]

B5 – Accidents 2

Costa (Smeed) : Urban road safety strategy []
Wedagama : Spatial modelling of non motorised transport casualties [TORG]
Salifu (Smeed) : Analysis of accident potential at unsignalized urban junctions in Ghana [TORG]

B6 – Behaviour 1

Jaensirisak : Public acceptability of road user charging schemes based on voting behaviour model [ITS]
Lythgoe (Smeed) : The use of geographical information systems data to improve rail demand models [ITS]
Alder : Improving the efficiency of Stated Preference based travel demand models [TRI]

B7 – Traffic Flow

Morgan : A comparison of macroscopic models for motorway traffic [Reading]
Zheng (Smeed) : Dynamics in merging behaviour and its impacts on traffic flow stability [TRG]
Campbell : The general and specific deterrent effect of speed cameras [TRI]

B8 – Modelling 2

Aslan (Smeed) : A Game Theoretic Approach for the Solution of Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem (CVRP) [TORG]
Watling : Traffic assignment modelling with variable travel times [ITS]
Batley : Modelling choice set generation in the context of route and departure time choice [ITS]

B9 – Behaviour 2

Guiver : How qualitative research methods could contribute more to understanding transport behaviour [ITS]
Ryley : A comparative analysis of travel behaviour in Belfast and Edinburgh [TRI]
Anable (Smeed) : Segmenting the leisure travel market using attitudinal theory [Imp]

C1 – Planning

Gibson : Sustainability of suburban travel [TRI]
Ma (Smeed) : The changes of urban spacial structure and commuting in Seoul [UCL]
Carreno (Smeed) : Barriers to walking []

C2 – Charging 1

O’Mahony : Congestion pricing for Dublin? [TCD]
Dodoo : A pan-European dynamic charging system for heavy goods vehicles [TORG]
Farrell : An investigation into mode and departure time choices in the presence of road-user charging [TRI]

C3 – Air Transport

Dennis : Implications of airline industry development for airports [Westmstr]
Hanly : The determinants of the demand for international air travel to and from the UK [UCL]
Williams (Smeed) : Urban cycling and the bus exhaust plume []

C4 – Charging 2

Cuthbertson : Strategies for the enforcement of road-user charging [TORG]
Cain : Incorporating public participation into the detailed design of a congestion charging scheme for Edinburgh [Westmstr]
Chow : development of an activity-based study of behavioural responses to road-user charging [TORG]

C5 – Traffic Control 1

Sermpis (Smeed) : Influence of geometry on performance of signal-controlled road junctions [UCL]
Ahn (Smeed) : An application of a Kinematic car-following model to traffic-responsive signal control [UCL]
Spiropoulou (Smeed) : Blocking back at traffic signals [UCL]

C6 – Rail

Boodoo : An international comparison of railway organisational and planning networks [Loughb]
Titheridge : Access to rail and by rail []
Preston : Railtrack []

C7 – EU Networks

Wixey : Policy Making dynamics within the Trans-European Transport Network programme [Westmstr]
Judge : Issues in access for disabled people []

C8 – Policy & Appraisal

Sayers : Taking multi-criteria transport investment appraisal a step further [TORG]
Parkhurst : Road transport taxation in a context of more efficient vehicles [UCL]
Matthews : What do we know about the effectiveness of transport policy instruments? [ITS]

C9 – Information

Stradling : Levels of travel awareness in Scotland [TRI]
Cole : Public transport information and the independent traveller [Glam]

D1 – Transport Crises

Whiteing : In the wake of the autumn 2000 fuel crisis []
Martin : An analysis of Danube ports [TRI]
Bonsall : What can be learned by studying transport crises? [ITS]

D2 – Traffic Control 2

Feldman : A cell transmission model applied to the optimisation of traffic signals [TRI]
Shrestha : Simulating differential bus priority at traffic signals for improving bus regularity [TRG]

D3 – Plenary 2

Wright : Aesthetics and transport [Mddsx]