A1 – Vehicles
Li (Smeed) : Using GPS equipped probe vehicle to estimate motorway link travel time []
Curtis : Reshaping the Motor Car []

A2 – Traffic Signals 1

Sha’Aban : Traffic Control using Evolutionary Algorithms and Micro-simulation []
Yulianto (Smeed) : Application of Fuzzy Logic to Traffic Signal Control under Mixed Traffic Conditions in Developing Countries – A Case Study of an Isolated Four arm Intersection []
Shrestha (Smeed) : Development of Strategies for Bus Priority at Traffic Signals []

A3 – Traffic Signals 2

Wu : Impacts of Ramp Metering on Traffic on Slip Road and Motorway []
Crouch : Performance of the SCOOT Traffic Control System in an Indian Context []
Tate : Network Monitoring, Modelling and Management to Aid Mitigate the Impact of ‘Event’ Traffic []

A4 – Car Following

Ehlert (Smeed) : An Evaluation of Macroscopic Properties from car following theory and Empirical Data []
Wilson_ : New Data Sets and Improved models of highway traffic []
Wang (Smeed) : Car-following Models for Motorway Traffic []

A5 – Environmental

Goodman : Validation of the TUNE microscopic traffic noise model []
Kwon : Decomposition of factors determining changes in CO2 emissions from car driving in Great Britain []
Givoni (Smeed) : Comparison of the marginal environmental impact of Aircraft and High-Speed Train operation []

A6 – Mode Choice

Lim : A Dynamic Departure Time Choice Model for Transit Passengers with Heterogeneous Behaviour []
Clegg : A Freely Available Data Set for Modelling Day-to-Day Route Choice []
Smith : On the Stability of the Iterated Logit Model []

A7 – Air Travel

Humphreys : Quality of Service at Airports []
Dennis : Airline Alliances and their Impact on Air Service Provision []

A8 – Accidents 1

Whiteing : Crash reporting and recording by UK transport fleets []

A9 – Accidents 2

Noland : An Analyses of Pedestrian and Bicycle Casualties Using Regional Panel Data []
Wilson : Professional’s Performance of the Driving Task []
Hirst : Estimation of Confounding Factors in Before and After Accident Studies []

B1 – Freight

Moreno : A Stochastic Route Choice model in optimal control of Road Freight Flows []
Wigan : Mapping the Urban Freight Task []
Woodburn : The Impacts of Recent Supply Chain Changes on the Future Use of Rail Freight []

B2 – Congestion Charging

Farrell : Congestion charging []
Whittles : A Priori and A Posteriori Equity []
Sumalee (Smeed) : A Parallel Genetic Algorithm based approach to Optimal closed charging cordon design problems []

B3 – Networks

Kurauchi : Simulation Analysis on the Evaluation of Parking Reservation System []
Chang (Smeed) : Bid Rent Network Equilibrium Model for the Residential Location Choice Problem []
Smith_ : The Calculation of Variable Demand Equilibria []

B4 – Railways 1

Glass (Smeed) : An Empirical Assessment of Further competition in British Passenger Rail Markets []
Holloway (Smeed) : The Institutional Background to Rail Access Developments at Manchester Airport []
Trujillo (Smeed) : No title given []

B5 – Railways 2

Matthews : How to make the best use of the rail network – capacity utilisation policy and a possible role for pricing []
Watson : The Role of Timetable Generation Software in the Planning and Exploitation of Railway Infrastructure Capacity []

B6 – Economics 1

Judge : Environmental / Economic Development Issues in The Polish Motorway and Roads Programme []
Stewart : Minimal Revenue Toll Problem []

B7 – Databases

Bennett : Realising an Integrated Database for the Instrumental City []
Ochieng : Development and Demonstration of the Foresight Vehicle Performance and Emissions Monitoring System []

B8 – Sustainability 1

Tyler : Tapestry – Changing Travel Behaviour through Information, Education and Marketing []
Castillo (Smeed) : The sustainable transport profile – towards a framework for assessing sustainable transport []
Putranto (Smeed) : The Effect of Wealth Level on Indonesian Vehicle Ownership Rate []

B9 – Sustainability 2

Ashiru : Development & Implementation of an Activity based space-time Accessibility Measure for Individual Activity Schedules []
Lyons : Future Modality – It’s about time []
Wixey : Barriers to Successful Implementation of Mobility Management Strategies []

C1 – Strategy

Fatima (Smeed) : Lessons Taken from The Developed Cities In Transport Strategy []
Ieromonachu : Adapting Strategic Niche Management as a tool for policy evaluation and implementation []
Matthews_ : Understanding Issues in Transport Policy Implementation []

C2 – Social Inclusion

Wu_ : Mapping transport disadvantage and the impact of bus network changes on accessibility []
Kenyon : Greater Social Inclusion []
Idaewor : Accessibility in a New Dimension – An Attitudinal Perspective []

C3 – Economics 2

Enoch : Effects of Economic Restrictions on Transport Practices in Cuba []
Batley : A mixed Logit Model of the Demand for Alternative-Fuel Vehicles []