1 Plenary
Watling : 40 years of UTSG & network modelling: a retrospective on a selected paper and its impact [University of Leeds] Abstract , Paper (pdf)

10A Travel Psychology

Dickinson : Travelling slowly: an exploration of the discourse of holiday travel [Bournemouth University] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Campbell : Wayfinding in the urban environment [University of the West of England, Bristol] Abstract , Paper (pdf)

10B Spatial Models

Quddus : Modelling area-wide count outcomes with spatial correlation and heterogeneity: an analysis of London crash data [Loughborough University] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Liu : Spatial statistical modelling of traffic accidents on a road network [Transport Management Research Group, Middlesex University] Abstract , Paper (pdf)

10C Roadspace Allocation

Paskins : Winners and losers in streetspace reallocation [Centre for Transport Studies, UCL] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Anderson : No car lanes or bus lanes: which gives public transport the better priority? An evaluation of priority lanes in Tyne and Wear [JMP, Newcastle University, Aberdeen University] Abstract , Paper (pdf)

10D Traffic Flow

Addison : Modelling traffic with variable speed limits [Centre for Transport Studies] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Krishnan (Smeed) : A deductive travel time estimation method for signalised corridors using single loop detector data [Imperial College London] Abstract , Paper (pdf)

11A Vehicle Evolution

berridge : Exploring options for a hydrogen fuel infrastructure system [Open University] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Dudley : From ‘Two Jags’ to the Prius: shifting policy agendas and the government car service [University of the West of England] Abstract , Paper (pdf)

11B Motorcycling

Law : Factors associated with the relationship between motorcycle deaths and economic growth [Center for Transport Studies, Imperial College] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Pai : Modelling motorcyclist injury severity in angle collisions at T-junctions considering the effects of right of way infringement, junction control measures, and manoeuvres [Napier University Edinburgh] Abstract , Paper (pdf)

11C Mode Choice 2

Najam : [Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds]
Yahya : The relationship between satisfaction and quality: an exploration of the impact of Quality Bus Partnerships [University of Newcastle] Abstract , Paper (pdf)

11D Methodologies

Connors : Aggregation of traffic networks using sensitivity analysis [Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Polak : [Imperial College]

12 Plenary

McDonald : [University of Southampton]

2A Emissions

Susilo : Individual CO2 profiles from passenger transport in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom [University of the West of England / Delft University of Technology] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Felstead : Extremes in driving style and their potential effect on vehicle emissions [University of Southampton] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Bell : The use of the speed-flow curve to demonstrate the effect of new technologies [University of Newcastle upon Tyne] Abstract , Paper (pdf)

2B Public Transport Simulation

Davenport (Smeed) : Personal rapid transit performance modelling using discrete-time queues [University of Bristol] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Hounsell : Investigating issues of differential bus priority for high frequency services [Transportation Research Group, University of Southampton] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Polyviou : Evaluation of new bus fleet management options using intelligent transport systems [University of Southampton] Abstract , Paper (pdf)

2C Local Authorities

Jordan : Public representation in transport consultations: exploring the age bias [University of the West of England] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Marsden : The likely impacts of target setting and performance rewards in local transport [Institute for Transport Studies] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Edwards : A strategic approach to reducing the transport impacts of purpose-built football stadia [Transport Operations Research Group, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne; Vehicle Safety Reseach Centre, Loughborough University] Abstract , Paper (pdf)

2D Rail

Blainey : Some issues in modelling new local rail services [University of Southampton] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Singh (Smeed) : Estimating the marginal costs of infrastructure and operations for Indian railways [Institute for Transport Studies] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Price : Assessment of the high-speed railways interconnectivity in Southwest Europe through accessibility measure [Transport Studies Unit, Oxford University] Abstract , Paper (pdf)

3A Safety

Muir : Pedestrian casualties and deprivation: modelling the influence of local factors [Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Evans : Fatal accidents at level crossings in Great Britain 1946-2005 [Imperial College London] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Wang : The effects of area-wide road speed and curvature on traffic casualties in England [Loughborough University] Abstract , Paper (pdf)

3B Route Choice

Qadir : The effect of travel time variability in the route choice decision in traffic network equilibrium [Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Park (Smeed) : A fuzzy decision tree learning algorithm for modelling route choice behaviour [Imperial College London] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Lindveld : [Imperial College]

3C Demand Models 1

Kirby : Pivot point prediction problems [Napier University] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Chatterjee : Towards the dynamic modelling of travel demand [UWE, Bristol] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Smith : Convergence of transport models: a pictorial study [University of York] Abstract , Paper (pdf)

3D Freight and Logistics

Woodburn : An investigation of container train service provision and load factors in Great Britain [University of Westminster] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Maynard : Analysis of mean bin weight data to monitor best practice at HWRCs [Transportation Research Group] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Zanni : Freight transport in London: climate change challenges and issues [Loughborough University – Department of Civil and Building Engineering – Transport Studies Group] Abstract , Paper (pdf)

4A Travel Behaviour

Ryley : A segmentation analysis of air travel attitudes and behaviour in the East Midlands [Loughborough University] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Richards : The role of lift sharing in future mobility [University of Southampton] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Sunitiyoso (Smeed) : Influence of social interaction and social learning on travellers’ behaviour [Centre for Transport and Society, University of the West of England] Abstract , Paper (pdf)

4B Urban Design

Potter : The challenge of sustainable suburbia [Open University] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
hickman : Transport and reduced energy consumption: the role of urban planning [barltett school of planning, ucl] Abstract , Paper (pdf)

4C Microsimulation

Maher : Optimisation using a Monte Carlo traffic simulation model [University of Leeds] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Liu : Stabilities of a car-following model: an engineering analysis [University of Leeds] Abstract , Paper (pdf)

4D Older Travellers

Schmöcker : An analysis of trip chaining among older London residents [Imperial College London] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Musselwhite : A grounded theory exploration into the driving and travel needs of older people [Centre for Transport & Society, University of the West of England, Bristol.] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Rackliff : Deriving and validating road safety performance indicators for vulnerable road users in urban areas [Vehicle Safety Research Centre, Loughborough University] Abstract , Paper (pdf)

5 Plenary

Preston : The challenge we face – and how transport economics might help [University of Southampton] Abstract , Paper (pdf)

6A Choice Models

Avineri : The challenges in setting parameter values in prospect theoretic models of travel choice [University of the West of England] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Ibáñez : A re-assessment of the theoretical requirements on travel choice models to ensure validity for economic appraisal [University of Leeds] Abstract , Paper (pdf)

6B Cycling

Sherwin : Travel planning at railway stations; an examination of the potential for bike-rail integration [CTS University of the West of England] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Brown (Smeed) : Independent assessment of cycling attractiveness models [University of Southampton] Abstract , Paper (pdf)

6C Fuel Consumption

bonilla : Vehicle sales and fuel economy: evidence from Japan [Oxford University transport studies unit,] Abstract , Paper (pdf)

6D Demand Models 2

Duran-Fernandez (Smeed) : Gravity, distance, and traffic flows in Mexico [Oxford University, Transport Studies Unit] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Khorgami : Trip-chaining behaviour of different types of workers: A comparison between households structure [University College London] Abstract , Paper (pdf)

7 Plenary

Rye : 40 years of UTSG: transport and environment. A commentary on a 1978 paper, and progress since then [Napier University] Abstract , Paper (pdf)

8A Families

Thoreau : Impacts of differing commuting times in the London region on family life [Centre for Transport Studies, UCL] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Murray : Visualizing the journey to school [University of Brighton] Abstract , Paper (pdf)

8B Mode Choice 1

Melia : Carfree development and the paradox of intensification [University of the West of England] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Yao : To drive or not to drive: work trip mode choice among Shanghai’s car owners [Centre for Transport Studies University College London] Abstract , Paper (pdf)

8C Road Construction

Bain : PPP construction risk: International evidence from the roads sector [Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Huang (Smeed) : Development of a life cycle assessment tool for construction and maintenance of asphalt pavements [University of Newcastle] Abstract , Paper (pdf)

8D Fuel Demand

Broadstock : Testing for simultaneity between the markets for gasoline and diesel in the UK, and complementarity between asymmetric prices and the UEDT [University of Portsmouth, University of Surrey] Abstract , Paper (pdf)
Crotte (Smeed) : Elasticity estimates of the demand for fuel in Mexico City [Imperial College London] AbstractPaper (pdf)

9 Plenary

Lucas : Review of T.K. Wilson’s 1980 paper ‘The perception of time’: the contribution of social research to transport studies [University of Westminster] Abstract , Paper (pdf)